Submersible Pumpsets

Submersible pumps are used for various pumping applications, because of their inherent advantages.

The coupled unit consisting of the pump and submersible electric motor is freely suspended from the discharge rising pipe which is firmly secured to the servicing edge of the well by-means of supporting clamps with only rising pipes and cable coming out of the well.

The cable connecting the motor to the electrical controls is clamped along with the column pipe. It is not necessary to install a 'submersible' in a vertical position and it can be worked in horizontal or inclined position as the case may be.

Special Features:

  • Requires small space.

  • No need for elaborate foundation and pump house arrangement.

  • No noise of the motor.

  • Economy in operation owing to high, overall efficiency. Can be installed in difficult sites in narrow, curved or slanting boreholes or in confined conditions

  • Installation and removal, especially in deep boreholes are easy.

  • Can also be installed horizontally.

  • Suitable for sites where a pump house is not desired or cannot be built

  • Pumping system can be made fully automatic.


ATALANTA SUBMERSIBLE Pumps are versatile and are suitable for:

  • Town & village water supply schemes.

  •  Domestic water supply.

  • Service water supply installations for Industries.

  • Irrigation Schemes including sprinkler irrigations.

  • Cooling water circulation.

  • Booster application.

  • Mining & construction sites.

  • Ornamental fountains.


Sea Water Application

Atlanta Submersible Pumps are available with special features required for pumping seawater in offshore installation.

Depending upon the nature of application materials of construction for the pump and the motor components are selected either in bronze construction or in stainless steel / Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Constructions can also be made available as per specific requirement of a customer.


Seawater which may be chlorinated and include impurities like brine, oil, sand is one of the toughest liquid to handle which needs either pumps in bronze construction or in special stainless steel.


Presenting a range of ATLANTA Submersible Pumpsets for larger dia tube wells and offshore applications.


  • Maximum outside dia ranging from 194 mm to 254 mm depending upon the size of the pump

  • Pumping capacities upto 390 cubic meters per hour / 6500 liters per minute / 86000 gallons per hour

  • Total heads upto 260 meter/853ft

  • Suitable for operation on 3 phase 380V 50 c/s AC supply

  • HP ratings normally upto 150 and tailor made upto 250 or more

  • Conforms to latest revisions of IS:8034/1976 and 9283/1979