Submersible Motors

Protecto have been offering 'ATALANTA' brand Submersible Pumps and Motors catering to different needs for the past two decades. Protecto offers Submersible Motors for 6" and larger borewells where the couplings are designed to NEMA Standards; thus these motors can be coupled with any pump designed for NEMA coupling. Protecto also manufacture motors suitable for 10" borewells and in larger diameters in 4 pole construction. Protecto has always followed the most reliable principle of construction for these motors. Optimum design ensures a high efficiency product manufactured on computer aided manufacturing systems. Apart from the right construction principle the quality of the Submersible Motor is enhanced by the right choice of materials.


Type of Execution:

  1. Standard Construction: Here the motor base, upper housing, lower housing and adaptor in close grain cast iron (FG-200) are used with a mild steel stator housing.

  2. Stainless steel/cast iron construction: Where the cast components in FG-200 are used in conjunction with stainless steel stator housing.

  3. Total stainless steel construction: All main motor components are manufactured out of SS-304/410 which form the basis of 100% reliable corrosion resistant long life product.

  4. Special 'N' construction for sea water application and where ambient temperature exceed 55C.

  5. Special motors for offshore installations, mines and other special applications are manufactured to specific requirements.


  • 'ATALANTA' Submersible Motors are 2 pole asynchronous wet wound squirrel cage induction type. They are water cooled and water lubricated.

  • Double rubber seal or stainless steel mechanical face seal prevents leakage of factory filled water with antifreeze solution.

  • All 'ATALANTA' motors are provided with a reflux pressure compensating device to equalize the pressure changes in the stator.

  • Stator windings are rewindable and water cooled which is a distinct cost advantage over the sealed stator design. Winding wire is dual insulated for high temperature.

  • The Mitchel type thrust bearings are designed to withstand maximum thrust load with minimum wear and tear.

  • The supply to the motor is through 3 core / 4 core flat / round PVC / rubber cable which passes through water tight sealing gland. The cable is protected by means of a metal sheath along the length of the pump body. Two leads of 3 cores are supplied for motor with Star-Delta starting.

  • Inbuilt temperature sensing protection can be supplied against specific customer requirement.

Superior Construction


The motor base houses thrust bearing assembly.
This is self-adjusting and consists of self-aligning shoes.


'ATLANTA' Submersible
motors are re-writable
withstand temperature Upto 85C.

'ATLANTA' Submersible motors are
fitted with mechanical seals and
are guided by
sturdy radial bearing bushes.